Types of display cases

I have not, to date, used cases at shows, but have decided that I
would like to have a case or cases for the higher end of my work (the
over $200 items). These are mainly necklaces, and I have been
showing them on the velvet necklace display boards, which are about
10" tall and 9" wide. The glass clip cases seem to run 10x10, 12x12,
10x16 and 16x16. I can only fit one necklace display in any of
these. Is there a better way to display the necklaces? I hate using
the displays where the necklace lies flat - you don’t see it at all
as you walk by, and I think the necklace shows better the way it will
be worn.

I have been debating making my own case. Has anyone else done this?
Any tips/suggestions/do’s/don’t do’s?

Will Plexiglas work, or is it going to be too flimsy and scratch too

I have been thinking a wooden “frame” with channels for the glass or

Thoughts/ideas/suggestions welcome. None of the shows I have done
care whether you have cases - is this only the highest end shows?

Beth in SC