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Two unrelated questions


I have two completely separate things you wonderful folks could
maybe help me with.

  1. I want to put up a web site for my jewelry, and also to provide a
    place where I can refer Orchid, for example, to see things that
    might otherwise be in an attachment. I’m far from technophobic, but
    I’m not adaept at that kind of thing. Can anyone tell me a really
    simple way to get started?

2.I know nothing about gravers other than how to raise a stitch. I
mean, nothing. Seems like something I should know, and descritions
in books pretty much confuse me. What’s the best way to learn this?
Does somebody teach a class/workshop on basic graver use? I’m in
Chicago, but will travel if the situation is right.


    1. I want to put up a web site for my jewelry .... Can anyone
tell me a really simple way to get started? 

Noel, I made my first web pages using the “Composer” function in
Netscape v. 4.7 - it cost me nothing but a lot of time, and AUS $50
for a block of space for a homepage. Almost all the functions are
automated in Composer. Once you’ve knocked something up using that
you can look at paying varying amounts of money for more glamorous
packages if you like. In the long run you are better off learning
simple HTML coding and working from scratch though, since you can
then control completely the look of your pages - packages generally
require you to work with templates which are always, to some degree,
restrictive and the resultant sites are very often invisible to
search engines.

Allan Heywood

 Does somebody teach a class/workshop on basic graver use? 

Hi Noel, I have heard great things about GRS’s engraving classes.
Their website has images of the various instructor’s work. They are the makers of GRS tools (I think
my GRS Benchmate is the only thing that has kept me from getting
carpal tunnel syndrome). HTH Kate Wolf, Workshops at Wolf Designs,
Portland, Maine


I will try to help you, but you must be a bit more specific as to
what results you want the gravers to give you… Ornamental, stone
setting, inlaying, etc.

Brian P. Marshall
Stockton Jewelry Arts School (Re-opening Spring 2003)
2207 Lucile Ave.
Stockton, CA 95209 USA
209-477-0550 Workshops/Classrooms

Hi Noel

The two places I learned about making, using and sharpening gravers
were at Blaine Lewis’s New Approach School and at a GRS’s class in
Kansas. I can heartily recommend both.

Prior to the stone setting class I took at New Approach, I am
embarrassed to confess, I had never really used a graver. I learned
to grind, sharpen and use them to do stone setting. Blaine’s
teaching makes it seem easy.

At GRS I took the beginning engraving class with Sam Alfano. It was
a great introductory class and I came away from it with a GraverMax,
microscope and stand, power hone and a lot of respect for the
process and those who have mastered it.

If you’re primarily interested in straight engraving check out the
GRS web site Make sure you look
at the “Meet the Instructors” section as there are different styles
of engraving and one may interest you more than another. If you go
to Tucson, Sam Alfano is usually demonstrating at Rio’s Catalogue in

If you want to use gravers for stone setting, check out New Approach
School I think Blaine will be in
Tucson at Rio’s Catalogue in Motion too.

The usual disclaimers apply. I am not affiliated with the above
schools, just a very satisfied student.


Linda Moughemer

Hello Noel: There are many web hosting places on the net that offer
free web space. I use which was bought out by
Yahoo. Got to There you
can find out about how to build your own web site. You can use the
free software that they provide called Page Builder to build your
index page. this is the page that the address you get takes people
to. On that index page you place hyper links to the other pages you
build. If you wanted to put a picture or article on a page for a
period of time and then change it to something else you can.
Geocities gives you 15 MB for free and that is plenty for what you
want to do. You can also have pages that are not linked to your index
page so that only the people that you give that specific address to
can go view. I have many pages of my work but only a few have links
on my index page. The thing is that you only get 3 GB of data
transfer per month. The larger the pages the fewer times they can be
viewed in a month before geocities temporarily shuts the page down. I
have this problem alot but it is not worth paying for a site for me
because my site doesn’t generate any income for me. It is just a
place I can post pictures of my custom work. If you would like to
visit my page to see how I did it the address is Let me know if you need help and
I will. Michael R. Mathews Sr. Victoria, Texas