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Two silver questions

Hi Everyone - I am enjoying reading your messages even though at
present I do very little jewellery. I am learning lots though and
thanks to those who replied about the mother of pearl. I’ll let you
know what I find out. I have been asked to clean and polish two 1970s
silver pendants. Heavy. sterling and I think made in Canada. Part of
the design on one pendant is left in what appears ot be the pickled
state -ie a whitich finish. Trouble is this has got dirty over the
years and none of my solvents will shift it. Obviously I cannot
polish it off. Any ideas? Secondly I want to re-lacquer these pendants
and wonder what would be suitable giving that they will be in contact
with human skin. Again all ideas would be welcomed.


try a little magnesium with a squirt of dish soap and warm water will
strip oxides off silver…problem is if it plated it will

one suggestion…you said the word lacquer…buy a spray can of
paint and be sure polyurephane stripper…get rid of any trace of
lacquer…takes about 2 min…heat a little bit and then with
clean pickle …start over again…clean and polish…I hate lacquer…clyde