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Two new tools I've played with today

One is an ionic cleaner, and the other is a PUK welder.

The ionic cleaner was amazing, it’s very gentle, and unlike
ultrasonic, can be used for pearls and opals. I had a look at a
couple of models, but the cheapest model seems like the one for me.

The other tool that was interesting was the PUK welder. I’d heard
about these before, but didn’t really show any interest. I have to
demonstrate them, and had an initial “play” absolutely awesome. Far
cheaper than a laser, and with a much smaller footprint when it
comes to studio space.

Now I have only had one day’s exposure to these devices, I would be
interested to hear good and bad reviews on the tools. Good news
stories, horror stories, just so I can get a balanced view.

Kindest regards Charles A.


the ionic cleaner is a winner, gets the customers fingerprints etc
off the metal and gems really well. I use the JCR version every week
and it is really good.

Costs me about $25 dollars a year to clean hundreds of pieces.

I find it beats every other system.