Two jewelry challenges

I have a request for any suggestions with two jewelry challenges I
am having.

  1. I ignorantly put some coral jewelry in my ultrasonic. I know, I
    know (for sure now!). Well, the coral was dyed, unknown to me,
    before I did this. Anyway, I tried to redye it with liquid red dye.
    This did not work. Does anyone have any suggestions? Other than
    don’t do this again?

  2. Since moving to north central Texas from Oklahoma a little over
    4-1/2 years ago, I have been plagued by my silver jewelry tarnishing
    horribly and quickly. I have tried everything to try to prevent
    this. I have put it in sealed plastic bags. I bought the 3M paper
    to enclose with the jewelry in bags as a preventative. I’ve used
    Hagerty’s aerosol spray cleaner, which has a tarnish preventive
    ingredient. I have put a small ball of aluminum foil in a sealed bag
    with the jewerly. It’s understandable jewelry will tarnish quickly at
    outdoor shows, but it seems to do it really fast, even inside my
    home. This is an excessive amount of tarnishing and occurs too quick
    for me. Nothing seems to work. I live about a mile or two from a
    large cement factory (just outside Midlothian, cement capital of
    Texas, mind you). I was recently told the problem is this factory as
    there’s sulphur involved with the cement. I don’t want to use any
    plating and would prefer not to wax it. Any suggestions? Any help
    is greatly appreciated.

Thank you and have a beautiful day,

Sharon Perdasofpy