Two finger rings

I am trying to make some 2 finger rings. I have seen some that have
2 semicircles back to back (actually they are more like circles I
think) under the design.

Does anyone know how to make/size these are the semicircles the same
size, do they have to be more than semicircular, do they fall off?

Thanks in advance alison
In Melbourne where we can’t work out if summer is really here


We have made two finger ring for many years in many different
styles. The first ones were for the middle two fingers and we sized
them 3/4 of a size larger than the actual finger size so they would
pull straight off rather than twisting as you can on most rings.
Latter we made them for the ring finger and the little finger… some
had all diamonds, some inlay, or a color stone and diamonds. We
made straight ones, and curved ones, they are very comfortable to
wear and if size correctly they do not fall off. If your would like
to see photo’s of our two-finger rings, send me your email
address and I will sent them to you.

Jimmy Eriksson
J. Eriksson’s Jewelers