Twisting Wire

Greetings Orchid,

Have a commission for a man’s bracelet. Need to ask if he would go
for abicep torque. Decided on twisted wire and soldered on finials.
Formed a copper practice torque inside a tube and drove it out with
a long punch. Spiral is very uniform. Really very nice. The question
now is whether to solder all the wires into a single bar (requires a
lot of solder) or try and bend the torque to shape unsoldered and
see what happens before using silver. All suggestions are greatfully
appreciated. The Jerry Harr of the Vista Gem and Mineral Society is
very ill. Jerry is the most helpful master silversmith ever. Never
too busy to help. Directed the Vista Lapidary School for a million
years with his dedicated wife Lois. =

Bill in Vista