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Tuscon Show - addendum

   Am wondering however if there is a central location to park my
rental car and easily take busses etc. to all the exhibits? Also
due to a bad back I usually use a small rolling suitcase to
transport all the "treasures" I find-is this allowed?

cynthia - yes there are parking places for your rental car in what
may be ‘central locations’ for you - check the map of the venues to
see which is best for what day. after checking my post on ‘tucson
weather etc.’ my marble mouse must have eaten the part about not
needing a rental car because … there will be shuttles: at every
venue there will be a sign with shuttle departures, identification &
destinations - different colors going to different parts of town. the
shuttles are frequent enough to be very handy & save a lot of effort
since a couple of the 28 or so venues are a few miles away; as to
your ‘wheelie’, after almost getting run over by two kids on bicycles
inside the congress st. big ‘tent’ locale, it should not be a
problem. the only bottleneck may be the space in some shuttles when
you have to get real chummy with a lot of passengers, as my partner
learned with his backpack. segue: last year’s rio grande site was a
disappointment to us after spending 30+ minutes on a public bus -
because rio didn’t advertise that they had reinstated their shuttle.
their ‘sale’ items were ‘empty the old bins of old blah little arcane
buffers, etc.’ when i can’t find any equipment/material to lust after
& buy then it just isn’t there! & the equipment demonstrators - in
suits yet - seemed to be following a teleprompter instead of having
firsthand knowledge of their items; BUT they did have a WHOLE 5% OFF
of some of multihundred dollar systems - gee, wow, order 3 of them!
plus we were not even tempted to stop at the technique
demonstrations, placed - of all locations - in the lobby near
registration, in the path of all other destinations, with everyone
having to pass around them on 2 sides. sorry for sounding like a
complainer, but my purpose is for those of you who do not have 2+
weeks to spend in tucson to get the best rewards for the time you do
have. i’d gotten more out of their catalogues than the wasted time
there. btw, we checked our trip info file for 2001, & yeah, we were
actually in tucson in january & february, & yeah, the weather was
cold & wet, & yeah, we did see snow, & yeah, we could tell we weren’t
in florida anymore toto. ive