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Tuscon advice for cabbers?

Hi all, Can anyone recommend which show(s) are a “must” for a
cabber/lapidary nut at Tuscon? Any good dealers to visit for slabs
for cabbing? Know of some good carvers to check out? (like Steve
Walters, Sherris Cottier-Shank, that type of jewelry carving)

First-timer here & I have no idea what I’m really getting myself
into. Suspect keeping handy some smelling salts in my backpack for
revival from the inevitable, overwhelming rock shock might be a good

Thanks in advance, Carol

Hello Carol, You are in for a fascinating, awe-inspiring treat as a
first-timer in Tucson. In addition to the smelling salts , do
plan to carry a water bottle and some kind of snack bars or jerky.
With all there is to see, I eat a big breakfast, then snack on the
run rather than waste time on meals. Here’s the online Tucson show
guide Helps to preview your
options. If you don’t subscribe to Colored Stone, which means you
get the show guide, the absolutely first thing to do in Tucson is
pick one up. They’re available at the entrance to virtually all
shows. The guide is a couple inches thick & kind of heavy, but it’s
your “Bible” for all the shows. Plan to carry it with you. If you go
to Rio’s Catalog in Motion, you can get copies of the new catalogs.
Other vendors/dealers will have copies of their catalogs as well.
More weight!! This year, in addition to that ugly fanny pack, I’m
taking my backpack on wheels!! Undoubtedly there will be many
Orchidians listing their “don’t miss” dealers. I always see the
German carvers at GLDA, Radison Center, and usually find some
awesome things to buy. Have lots of fun and we’ll be looking for you
at the Orchid Dinner! Judy in Kansas

Judy M. Willingham, R.S.
B.A.E. 237 Seaton Hall
Kansas State University
Manhatttan KS 66506
(785) 532-2936 FAX (785) 532-6944