Turquoise & SS belt buckle

Need some info on a belt Buckle that the Turquoise measures 5 1/4" long, 3
3/8" wide on a Sterling Silver belt buckle. The bezel of the cab is just
on the edge of the silver buckle. Overall the thickness is 15mm.buckle and
turquoise. The turquoise has black matrix with silver matrix included.
Turquoise mostly blue. Would like to know what the approx. worth would be.
Any help appreciated. B Goll

Dear Robert Start by checking the listings on eBay, also please send me a
scanned photograph or a direct scan ( lay the belt buckle covered with a
white bath towel on a flat bed scanner ) off line. I make no promises, but
I can direct you to some sources and will let you know what I think would
be an equitable figure on both sides of the table Respectfully Yours,
Robert L.Powell.