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Turquoise - real or fake?

Greetings from North babylon, NY! I inherited a turquoise necklace
bringing it to a jeweler) if it is “real.” Any info is appreciated.
Thanks, Susanne

Hi, You can put a drop on it in a hidden place, I a suringe so the
drop is verry small, if a white spot appears it’s not turqupise.
Good luck and I hope you see no white. Silverbear

We have dealt with many different turquoises (from many mines) since
1987 and I have seen some fakes (Mostly dyed howlite) I have also
seen a squash (cast in pot metal from 1970’s when there were many
unscrupulous dealers) but with genuine turquoise in it. If it is very
old, chances are it is real. Is it in chunks or set in sterling
Walter and Michele Cooling