Turquoise bead necklace

Try Blackhair International Corp. Jhuang7070@aol.com Tel. (818)
336-6664. I hope this is his latest address if not E Mail me and I
will track him down. @TwoSunsTrd Tell him Lloyd Butterfield sent
you. Lloyd.

Dear Sharon, You could try R.H. & Co., Inc. a wonderful source for
turquoise and Italian red coral. (AGTA) 1031 S. Central Ave.
Glendale, CA 91204 800 - 242-1233 e-mail: info@rhcoinc.com I
believe the turquoise they use is from the Sleeping Beauty mines in
Nevada. It is very high quality. Also looking up Sleeping Beauty
Turquoise on the web. They have a site. Good luck, Rebeca

R.H. and Company in the Los Angeles area has the best turquoise
beads. They have turquoise from Sleeping Beauty mine here in SoAz
which is put through a process to harden the material and make it
color fast. It gets a bit sticky from there as far as calling it
"natural" but, the process cannot be detected by any gemological
process I know of. The process is called the Zachariah process. The
beads are some times glaringly bright but, always beautiful. RH gets
the best turquoise before putting it through the process and have
graduated beads of many sizes. They are in Tucson for both the
February gem show and I think the September show. Sam Patania

Hi there. At the Tuscon gem show, I purchased some turquoise
cabachons for a customer from Gleam Company USA at 212-972-7031.
This material is from the Sleeping Beauty mine in Arizona and has
little to no matrix visible. Enjoy.

Diana Widman at Birch Tree Studio