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Turquoise, any good sources?

Hope this will start a new subject, dont have time to go back to the
beginning. I am tired of turquoise wanna be’s, anyone got a good
source of turquoise?

Shekina, I have cut Morenci turquoise cut in my own studio, natural
and in two grades. I have it broken into lots but am willing to
deal, if you would like to see my material, contact me off list,
thanks, [pataniajewelry at gmail dot com]

Sam Patania,
no turquoise wanna-be

Try Sterling Turquoise-- great Sleeping Beauty, zachary process.

I have Persian Turquoise - hard, untreated, natural, not stablilized

  • imported in the 1950’s from the Nisabor mine in Iran.

The larger pieces are Matrix - the smaller pieces are pure blue - no

Best regards,
Robert P. Lowe Jr.

Have a collection of fine Nevada Turquoise from the late 60’s. I
bought and have had saved. I used to sell to many silversmiths
including Ben Nighthorse, Victor Gabriel and more.

I saved a small collection of these rocks, all natural, not cabbed,
then, I do have some nice cabs and 4 Lander blue, nickel size and
about 6 - 8 8-9 mm nuggets and smaller. Perfectly formed and natural.

You may call me off like to check some prices. I am willing to sell
the collection of some or all of these items and only serious persons
should reply to my personal email. Dee

Dee Rouse Huth

Dee, I do buy turquoise and am very interested in what you have. I am
in New Mexico and that is my market. I am looking for rough and cabs,
but only want natural. Please let me know what you have and prices,

Audrey Worthen


Very interested in finished, polished Turquoise cabs. Are you able
to send photos, wgts., sizes and wholesale prices ?

Many thanks, Paul Hartstein Jewelry

Thank you for your email. I have collected turquoise for many years
and this is a prize of a collection.

I have about 50+ pounds of rough from very high grade to medium
grade, all natural, very fine material and a lot of spider web. Some
one of a kind pieces which can get a very fine price.

Most all the material is hard and very beautiful and many mines are
in the collection. I sold the material for several miners in the late
60’s. This material is from that time period and some of the mines
are no longer operational.

The cabuchons vary in size and I have about 200+ stones with
assortments of color and size.

All or part ?

I would like to sell the collection as one. There are about 5 trays
of cabs and balance is rough and nuggets, some tumbled and some not.
And a nice collection of one of a kind selected items. I think that
breaking up would be devaluing, this is a magnificent assortment of
cutting material and if you are buying to cut and resell, you will
have such an amazing amount of stones that can match for customers to
pick and chose. And, it is such a find that when people see it, they
really can do some visualizing.

I will send pictures for you if you are serious about these gems.
You may call me with questions. I am comfortable with the value,
these are gems from the likes of many famous and fine jewelers and in
the 60’s there was no other that had the assortment that I had. We
lived in Crescent Valley Nevada and bought directly from the miners.
916-284-4549. Dee

Dee Rouse Huth
Director/ Admissions