[Turkey] News of exhibition of Topkapi Palace

Phyllis Richardson, I can’t answer about the Topkapi Museum exhibit
but can tell you that you are in for a real treat in your visit to
Turkey. Two days in Istanbul will let you know you could spend weeks
there in Istanbul alone. Delightful people wherever you turn and a
fantastically diverse geography. Ruins that stagger the imagination.
Cultures that boggle the mind. Hope you like eggplant, beer and
bottled water (su). Buy a lot of apple tea to bring home and Turkish
coffee too. And ah’ the smell of aromatic Turkish tobacco everywhere.
Do get the Hepatitis A inoculation as a minimum if you eat or drink
off ship (maybe for the ship too). Worked with the military in early
’80s mostly in Ankara and returned with the wife as tourist for a two
week tour in July '99. Bill in Vista