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Tungsten carbide ring with carbon fiber inset

I was asked my opinion about the suitability of a tungsten carbide
ring with carbon fiber inset for a gent’s wedding ring. Honestly, I
had never heard of such a thing. I Googled it, and found some
attractive rings, but I still don’t know anything about them. Can
anyone tell me about them (durability, sizing, etc., etc.)


Tungsten carbide is a very hard ceramic metal sintered powder
material. The carbon fiber an epoxy resin/carbon composite is got a
lot of tensile strength but the epoxy is soft and scratches.
Tungsten carbide alone I would think of as suitable but the carbon
fiber I would have some concerns about for long time abrasive wear.
There is not going to be a way to easily refinish it.

James Binnion Metal Arts