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Tumbling with dry media

I want to charge some walnut and corn cob with Simichrome, but
have no idea how much to use. Please assume 1lb of media and please
suggest either the weight of Simichrome to use, or inches squeezed
from a small (1.76 ounce) tube. 

Mark - To initially charge dry media, put your media in your
vibratory tumbler, run it for enough time to get it slightly warm -
about an hour - then while running apply about half inch to three
quarters of an inch of squeezed out Simichrome. Run the mixture for
another hour or so to distribute the goop. Doing it in a warm place
speeds up the process. When you want to add more later, the times are
shorter and the subsequent amount to add is less than you did
initially. What you want to avoid is lumpy glop that will stick on
your work pieces.

To get a really terrific shine on your work pieces, run them in this
mixture for 36 to 48 hours. When you take them out, they will have a
bit of haze that needs to be washed off with soap and water.

Please remember that this process is used after the smoothing
process using an abrasive media.

Judy Hoch