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Tumbling glass

I have a small Loritone tumbler with a rubber barrel , and a
Covington Tubbler with a plastic like barrel and they both work

Be creative, smash something glass with a hammer and tumble it…

Creative smashing…hahahahaha

Any stained glass shop will have buckets of scrap they will give
away that you can tumble.

Different shapes will make different sounds in a wind chime. Multi
colored opaque glass can be tumbled and wire wrapped.

There are all sorts of free glass sources. Clear big chunk glass
can be found in the huge trash container behind any glass shop that
handles the 1 inch thick glass Skyscraper windows. Its free most of
the time. Sometime they are afraid you will get injured in the trash
container and its off limits (until nighttime…).

Watch the papers for Hobby Lobby ( in the south anyway) and they
have sales of $1 for a 1 ft square piece of stained glass. Super
Bargain . Use a glass cutter and cut it into long wavey ribbon shapes
and tumble them too.

Walk along the highway and collect wine bottles on the side of the

The local trash dump is another location of glass.

Some trash dumps have places where people sort their glass,
aluminum, paper etc…lots of sorted glass there too.

The longer you tumble, the more rounded the edges get.

Just clean out the barrel when you go to burnishing. It cleans out
pretty easy with a waterhose outside.

Love and God Bless