Tumbling Glass

I have a tumbler from rio grande -it is the double barrel type made
of a black rubber. I am interested in tumbling beach glass but have
never done this before. I want to remove the rough edges and give it
a matte finish. What kind of tumbling compound is best for this? If I
use it in my rio tumbler (which I use for silver jewelry), will I
have to have to worry about the rubber edges breaking down?

Thanks you guys!
Chelsea Stone, Ganoksin Addict

Hi Chelsea,

I tumble glass all the time. I started tumbling scrap pieces of
stained glass to make ‘beach glass’. I made Cone Tops out of stained
glass, then hung the pieces of beach glass from them to make wind
chimes. They are beautiful, even if I do say so myself. When the
wind blows, I race for the phone……

I then started cutting up old wine bottles, 7-Up bottles, blue Vodka
bottles, …into circles and tumbling them too.

I use a small diamond bit and drill holes in the tops, use fishing
line to hang the glass , and decorate the fishing line with the glass
beads that I make and don’t like , to add color.

My tumbler, from Covington, has a rubber barrel and still dosent
show any wear. For tumbling media, I throw in the glass, a handful of
pea gravel, a handful of sand, and a cup of 600 grit Powder. In
about a day, (check daily), the glass is frosted and has smooth

If you just want smooth edges, without the frosted look, Arrow
Springs sells a stone for this purpose. Rub it lightly on the edge
of a piece of glass , and it will no longer cut you. I do this for
table top waterfalls, where the water cascades over pieces of broken
glass. I want smooth edges but shiny surfaces to reflect light.

http://www.arrowsprings.com/html/tools_part_1.html Look for
Grinding stone, $2.00.

Love and God Bless

Hi Randy-just saw your answer to tumbling glass and started looking
through your site. What a great one you have put together. If I
didn’t have to get a little person to get ready for pre-school I’d
be browsing there still. I know I will spend hours looking and
learning later.Thank you for sharing-Margaret in Oceanside, CA