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Tumbling and Satin Finishes


Hi everyone, I am interested in trying to produce a matte/satin
finish on sterling and gold using my rotary tumbler. Is this even
possible? If so, what media would I need to use?

Thanks for any help you can give!

Wired Contemporary Jewelry


A way to get a satin finish using a rotary tumbler would use an
abrasive ceramic media, or coarse plastic media. Tumble your pieces
with a cleaning solution that is safe to use in the rubber barrel.
Processing time would be several hours. A vibratory tumbler would
be a better choice if you have the option.

Judy Hoch, GG


Hello All, The best satin finish I have gotten is to go through to
stainless steel shot polishing, and then put back in the plastic or
ceramic media. The finish is different, and looks a whole lot better
to me.Richard in Denver

P.S. Computer problems made it impossible to respond to those of you
that reponded about a Denver Orchid dinner during our Sept. show. I
am sure you all found that the show can consume all your time. I do
apologize for not getting back to you. My computer has recovered. It
was a gruesome week.