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Tumblers, vibrating or magnetic polishing

what should I use

I am finally (after 30 years) looking to acquire a polishing unit. I
will be polishing micro pave pieces and others with tight spaces.
Anybody give some advice on which technique is the best. I will be
doing ! to maybe 10 at a time. Trying to get more bench time out of
an overworked an aging brain. Michael

Michael- Sigh. I hate micro pave. But it pays the bills sometimes.
Plus replacing tiny melle that have fallen out of cheaply made micro
pave will be job security for years to come. Kinda like rebuilding
worn tennis bracs.

We use a small magnetic pin tumbler for prepolishing on micro pave
and other tiny spaces. We also have a rotary tumbler with stainless
shot and use that on larger pieces with inaccessible recesses. We
always do our final polish with traditional buffs.

Have fun and make lots of jewelry.

Jo Haemer