Tumbler question

There is a product that is carried by many supply houses called
"Oakite 3". It’s used by most major jewelry manufacturers in their
tumbling process because it is clean, quick, and will not diminish
your precious metal yield . This product has been around forever. If
you can’t find it, I know A & M Jlrs. Supply on 46th St. in NYC
carries it. Steve Burns

I purchased a small bag of Oakite #3 some time ago and I use it for all of my Sterling Silver and copper jewelry tumbling. I’m still experimenting with how much Oakite to add per quart of water. I have stainless steel shot. I have tumbled a load with just a pinch of Oakite and also tumbled another load with much, much more Oakite. The more I use, the thicker the water becomes (almost syrupy, sometime) so I’m looking for a rule of thumb on this stuff.

Thanks in advance

According to OAKITE #3 Tumbling Soap - 5lb
Oakite #3 is a biodegradable, mildly alkaline compound for burnishing steel, brass, copper, aluminum and precious metals in conjunction with steel media. It is also used as a soak tank cleaner for removing buffing compounds.

Acts as a cleaner and/or lubricant. Use with steel shot or porcelain media. Safe to use with all metals. Mix with water to make solution.

Mixing ratio of 1 oz. per 1 gallon of water.