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Tucson's 'Tanzanite Summit'

Greetings Larry and Fellow Orchidians,

Happy to report to you all that Tucson’s “Tanzanite Summit” resulted
in a number of measures that should put the Wall Street Journal’s
allegations to rest once and for all. In fact, I personally believe a
front page retraction

from the WSJ would be highly appropriate and that ABC news should
take similar steps.

Two meetings were held in Tucson - the first was a private "working"

and the second, an open conference introducing what is being called
the “Tucson Tanzanite Protocols.”

At these meetings, Mike O’Keefe of the US State Department stated,
“we have seen no evidence that Al Qaeda or any other terrorist group
is currently using tanzanite sales to finance its efforts or to
launder money.” O’Keefe made the trip to Tucson in support of the
Tanzanian government, hailing Tanzania as “a valued partner in the
war on terrorism.”

Also in attendance were:
Mr. Mustafa NyangE1nyi, Tanzanian Ambassador to the US
Edgar Maokola-Majogo, Tanzanian Minister of Energy and Minerals
Simon Sam Mollel, Chairman, Tanzanian Mineral Dealers Association 

Doug Hucker, executive director, American Gem Trade Association (AGTA)
Matt Runci, president/CEO, Jewelers of America (JA)
Cecilia Gardner, executive director/general counsel, Jewelers Vigilance
Committee (JVC)
and representatives from:
The Gemological Institute of America (GIA)
The American Gem Society (AGS)
The Manufacturing Jewelers and Suppliers of America (MJSA)
The International Colored Stone Association (ICA)
The Indian Diamond and Colored Stone Association (IDCA)
The Manufacturing Jewelers Association of Jaipur
among others.

Anyone interested in obtaining further can check the
websites of

these organizations, as well as industry news sources online

Kind Regards to All,
Jeanette Marie Kekahbah