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Tucson's Coming

All & Your Brothers, sisters, aunts, cousins, mother, fathers, and
worst known relatives are welcome somewhere in the biggest gem and
mineral show on Earth. Take all the warnings about disclosure,
synthetics, competition, dangerous streets, dishonest dealers,
ethical dealers, slave labor and non slave labor, conflict stones all
in their own context and still come to Tucson. Why - Because it is
Tucson, where the riches, rarities, and baubles of the Earth will be
on display. Someone has your rocks in their display. All you have to
do is buy it to get it where it belongs. Dealers and cutters from
around the world will be there waiting for you to spend your money.
Strike a deal, buy a rarity, find stones that you can only find at
Tucson. It is a short sighted buyer that does not invest in stock
when the market is in such flux as it is today. Buy, buy, buy!! It
is always my resolution that I will not spend more than what I
designate each year at Tucson. Since 1984 I have never once come
close to keeping that resolution. I now am so heavily invested in
stock that I foresee my business going on well past my own lifetime.
Rocks and jewelry are an addiction that I am very happily immersed
into for the rest of my life. Join me and Buy, buy, buy.

Gerry Galarneau, Tucson Gem Mall Booth 111 Jan 31 - 13 Feb 2004