Tucson (YAK)

    Actually, it's Candy keeping track of who's going to meet.  We still
    need to have a date.  We've had one request for Feb. 1, one for a
    week night and one NOT for Feb. 4.  I will be there for sure Jan.
    30-31 for the PMC class and then I am flexible after that.  I'll be
     in Quartzsite Jan. 27 and possibly 28.                       

Whew! For a minute there, I thought I had inherited the list
and missed it in the loop blitz. At least I know you got my
“non-request” ; I agree with Dave and think a weeknight would
be the best, so make that 2 votes.

BTW, from your notes on the crafts newsgroup I know you were
interested in the Columbus ACC; won’t be at that one but if
you’re going to try to go to the Baltimore ACC, e-mail me and
maybe we can get together :-).


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