Tucson/SNAG take two

Hi all,
I posted a note earlier this morning and then a second following.
Well the first seemed to have gotten lost in cyberspace so here
goes again.(I’ll get the hang of this eventually) My name is
Carrie Nunes. I am new to Orchid and new to the professional side
of this industry. I am very curious about the shows at Tucson as
well as SNAG conferences. I have not attended either. I wondered
if these events would benefit someone like me or if they were
better for someone who is more established. I heard a little
about them from my old teacher,Bob Coogan. I remember seeing a
great Tim McCreight pin he got at the swap. Anyway, any info or
guidence would be great.

Also, some of my work is now showing in the gallery. Currently,
it has been posted with the wrong name-my husband’s (William T.
Nunes) but it should be corrected soon. I’m just happy to be