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Tucson Show

Dave, and anyone else who will be attending the Tucson show and
dinner with “OTT”, I would be interested in Dave’s idea. Sorry I
haven’t been around much recently, but I am still buried with
work from Christmas. I am really looking forward to going to the
Tucson show, it will probably be the only time I spend away from
my store this year!

Richard Laspada

The Ganoksin Project

Check the Orchid archives for this subject. it was discussed in
December and january of 1999 under the heading “[2000] Tucson Gem

If you haven’t checked it out yet, I recommend a visit to the Tucson
Show Guide online at
with all of the on the February 2000 Tucson Shows. It may
be updated already with the February 2001

You can even pre register for some of the shows from this web site.

You will have a listing of all of the exhibitors that are showing and
the locations at which they are showing. If you go to the individual
show page you can find out the company’s booth number.

If you go to the search page, you can search all of the show
exhibitors, at all of the shows, to find which has a certain product,
or you can search for the same product in only a specific show, or by
country of origin (or state) of the exhibitor, etc. There is a
complete list of all of the products listed and how they are
specifically listed, to aid your search.

There are also shows in Tucson in September though on a much smaller
scale (three as opposed to 25 plus 6 permanent locations in February)

Now if you want to go to some good shows in September, come to Denver
12th to 17th September - many Gemstones, Minerals Fossils and
Specimens. There are at least eight shows going on concurrently in
this time period, and in fairly close proximity to each other in the
north end of the city (I-25 and I-70)

If you want to see some great Boulder opal and/or crystal opal from
Brasil, come to see us in Denver, Colorado at the Great American -
Best Western Show, Room 211, Lowe Associates - Brasil, September 12
to 17th. Plus a “ton” of Emeralds and Tourmalines, Alexandrites and
all of the other colored stones from Brasil in Faceted, Cabs, Rough
and Specimens.

Best regards, Robert P. Lowe Jr. Lowe Associates - Brasil Gemstones,
Rough, Specimens e-mail: (in the USA 22 Aug -
31 Oct) e-mail: @Robert (in the Brasil after 31 Oct)

Hi all Orchidian,

I would love to go to Tucson some time to take part in what has been
described as the best show in the world. So I would like to gather
as much on how to get the best out of the trip. Please
give me suggestions on where is the best place to stay for as
little as possible, what shows have beads, stones, etc. How are the
shows set up? Do they have gems stones in one building and beads in
another? Any help you could give would be greatly appreciated. I am
sure I am not the only one wishing that you would share your
experiences with us. You all have been so helpful in the past and I
thank each and every one who has contributed to this wonderful

Roxan O’Brien
Where it is getting cold in Pennsylvania.

Roxan, Good luck finding a cheap room in Tucson during the show.
Maybe you could ask on Orchid for another woman that would share a
room with you. As for where to go , I recommend spending at least 3
or 4 days to go from one show to another so that you get a feel for
things. Make sure to brin g some business cards and a resale number,
some of the shows are wholesal e only and won’t let you in without a
resale number. The magazine COLORED STONE will have a listing of all
the shows and all the exhibitors at all the different shows.

Hi Roxan,

BOOK EARLY ! thats what i have to Say , Go to the Internet and browse
for Tucson hotels , Print the list and Start calling and see if there
any rooms available.

Last time i stayed at the royal Elizabeth a B& B inn, wont harm in
Calling them on 877-670-9022 it a new place so they normally have
rooms , and the other thing is its at the city center.

The Two major Shows GLDA and AGTA are from 31 Jan to 5th Feb 2001 Both
the Shows are must see for any jeweler ( oh … please do not
forget to Stop by at gemstone Row 26 at GLDA and Say Hi to yours
truly )

In My Experience ( Only one year ) All the traders are mixed you get
the Beads and the faceted in one soup.

Well , i think there will be better Advice coming your way from other
orchdians … hope my 2 cts helps Ahmed shareek P.S. PLEASE DO NOT

Roxan, You will have a hard time finding a room at this time for the
Tucson Show. I made my reservations a month ago and rooms were
filling up fast. Hotel and motel rooms are all heavily taxed in
Arizona so be prepared and ask for the room fee plus the taxes. My
room costs about $80 + tax a night with my dealers discount. I stay
on the far side of town away from the show. Rooms near the show are
very expensive. Most start at $85 a night and go up quickly from
there. My guess is that the average room rents for about $125 per
night. Tucson is big business and everyone wants to collect the
maximum amount of your dollars before you can spend them at the
shows. I have been a dealer in Tucson for the last five years. From a
dealers standpoint here is my advice. 1. Register for the shows now.
2. Bring proper business identification - license, business cards,
JBT number, and checks. Bring proper personal Identification.
Drivers license, ID card, bank cards, etc., 3. Bring travelers checks
with you. Cash only if you are very brave. 4. Educate yourself
as to what the stones and jewelry cost and how to evaluate the
products. 5. Come to buy. This is not a museum. 6. All dealers do
not accept credit cards. There are a lot of non-U.S. dealers at the
shows. 7. When you make a purchase from a non-US dealer your purchase
is usually final. The day the show ends most of these dealers are on
airplanes to other countries. You have no recourse. 8. Do not be a
victim. Keep your eyes open all the time. Watch where you park,
where you walk, and who is paying a lot of attention to you when you
are talking. Every year in Tucson personal robberies, muggings, and
vehicle theft occurs. 9. Do not talk openly about what you have just
purchased. If you are buying valuable products ship them from the
show. Do not hand carry them. 10. Get a show guide from the Lapidary
Journal - Colored Stone magazine. Go to the Lapidary Journal
website. They have a whole section about Tucson. 11. Make rental car reservations now. They
will be expensive and also subject to increased taxes. 12. Do not
let all this scare you off. Tucson is the best show I have ever
attended and been a dealer at. Be careful and enjoy yourself. 13.
Lastly come and see my display at the “Scottish Rites Center”. We
are a shuttle bus stop. Galarneau’s Gems

Tucson can become a nasty place. Last year on the third day of the
show promoters had hired people to ride the shuttle buses and steer
people to their shows. They did this by telling people not to get
off at this show or that show because all the dealers were rip off or
do not get off at this show because it is a flea market. Never
forget that Tucson is big business and not a place for relaxation.

Gerry Galarneau Galarneau’s Gems

Hi Gerry, Thank you for your Tips on Tucson , I think you are far more
experienced than my self. But I have to Disagree with you on point
number 7. As a exhibitor who is flying in to U.S. For the show It is
our company policy to give 30 Day money back guarantee on all our
products , Weather it was bought on the Internet or at a show. So I
invite All orchidians to come see our booth ( G.L.D…A., Holiday inn
, city center , Gemstone Row 26 ) and buy from us poor non US
Sellers too … We just have well cut Stones at lower prices (smile)
… Ahmed shareek
P.S. also Staying in Tucson for a few Days after the show too.

As long as we are talking about Tucson there is one thing that
nobody’s mentioned and that is shipping your purchases.

If you are like me, you will buy more than you can take back on the
airplane with you and will need to ship them to yourself via UPS.
Some of the shows have a Mail Boxes Etc to take your packages but I
find them to be a rip-off. You can take them directly to UPS in
downtown Tucson but sometimes there is a line and plus they will open
your packages at the front counter and inspect the contents so
everybody knows what is in the package. They are trying to avoid
claims for loss of non-existant jewels but to me some crook could
eyeball my package for theft. Consequently, I drive to Casa Grande’s
UPS. The town is about 1 hour north of Tucson (50 miles) and if you
fly you probably have a rental car anyway. There is no line and no
opening up of your package for all to see. They are only open a
couple of hours a day in the afternoon so you would need to call
1-800-PICKUPS for hours and directions. To me it was worth the drive.

You can also stay in Casa Grande and commute because the motels are
cheaper there, too. Plus I think there are cheaper motels on the
northern outskirts of Tucson, too ($30 a night), or at least there
used to be. There is a Motel 6 on the north side of town.

Last year I commuted from Quartzsite (500 miles round trip) twice.
It was still cheaper than renting a room at Tucson.


Actually there are three (3) major shows - the third being the GJX -
Gem and Jewelry Exchange, which runs from Feb. 1st to Feb. 6th.

All three are within 100 yards of each other - very easy walking
distance. All three are “Wholesale Only.” The AGTA show has expensive
merchandise and is very strict on the entrance requirements - If you
can get into that show, you are guaranteed entrance into the other two
and any other show in Tucson. Many of the suppliers of the dealers in
the AGTA show are in the GJX and GLDA shows themselves.

Check out <> for all of the show schedules and
also a search engine to see what products certain exhibitors are
offering (only the ones that paid to have their products listed). There
are many shows starting on January 27 and 28th.

If you come to the GJX show don’t forget to stop by our booth at: Lowe
Associates, GJX # 205 for all of the Brazilian colored Gems, Emeralds,
Brazilian Opal, Imperial Topaz, Tourmalines, Gem Rough, etc.

Best regards,
Robert Lowe
Lowe Associates - Brasil
Gemstones, Rough, Specimens
e-mail: @Robert

Okay Ahmed…

That’s twice now you’ve referred to the Orchid Dinner. =) Where can
we find the details on this?

Thanks much!

You will have to Contact Dave Arens He is
the one who organized it last year. Ahmed shareek

Usually we buy a large amount at the tucson show, so we usually have
at least one pallette shipped to our store. We use Roadway Express,
and they load our pallettes as we drop stuff off and at the end of
the show ship out our stuff to us. This works well for those large
purchases (fossils, minerals, statues, whatever.) Also really great
to ship that fun stuff you buy in Nogales (which if you have the time
in Tuscon to go is a must…A day in Mexico is fun for all!) Best
advice I could give for the show, is look look look! I spend about
the first 3 days just looking and garning for my
purchases. (as I hit my usual stops!) Tuscon is a great show for
buying and ideas. And one of the most fabulous things about it, is
you find yourself in the most interesting conversations with miners,
scientists, artists, and proffesionals. Most of the people are open
and friendly to conversations!!! We usually rent a condo for the
month of the show, since it is so difficult to find rooms out there.
But this way, I go out, my parents go out, sometimes my manager
comes out, as well as usually a miscellaneous person or two! good luck
and hope to see you all under the sunny skies of Tuscon, -julia