Tucson Show Dinner

The dinner Ahmed is referring to was set up by our own Dave Arens.
Many talked about getting together, Dave made it happen!

Nothing has yet been said or firmed up. Dates can be a problem as
many arrive for the earlier shows, and equally as many for the later
shows. In prior years there was talk about a couple of get togethers.

This is not an easy task, location must be found during a very hectic
time for Tucson, its hotels and restaurants. Transportation from one
location to another also may be a problem as some arrive by air and do
not have a car to go beyond the confines of the show bus circuit.

Perhaps someone online can set up a temporary site for Orchidians to
post their locations, and a meeting(s) can also be posted.

The more of a load we can take off the end person, the better. The
dinner last year had some 46 attendees, many last minute additions.

Once a site is established, we can determine the dates persons will
be in town, and also a realistic evaluation of how many will
participate. Some Faceting lists are already on the dime about this.