Tucson September Gem Show Report

All, I just got back from being a dealer at the Tucson September Gem
Show. This is a small show with only three locations and I would
guess about 150 dealers. Three notable observations were made. 1.
Wholesale buyers of moderate to high end jewelry and gemstones were
few and far between. 2. China is in the USA. During set up the
aisles were lined with boxes from China. Sterling silver, beads,
cabochons, gift shop items. Box after box, Made in China. 3.
Beaders are everywhere. In amount there were more gemstone beads
available than anything else. I talked to three bulk stone dealers.
Each stone dealer of cabochons and unique beads is getting all their
cutting done in China. Two large faceted stone dealers I talked with
are having their stones cut in Thailand or India. As a side note, I
kept track of the number of people in my room and categorized them as
being a potential buyer or hobbyist. I had 200+ people in the room
in four days. The count broke down almost 50/50 buyers to hobbyist.
Not one hobbyist bought, but they all wanted to look at my custom
stones and jewelry. Sales were slightly higher than last year.
Dealers that did very well were selling unique beads of USA materials
cut in China. G+LW promoters are joining the rest of the gemshow
promoters in tightening the requirements to gain entry into the
shows. G+LW requirements are going to be more closely aligned with
AGTA and GLDA. Your business card and license must state that you
retail or wholesale gems or jewelry or you will be denied entry. Any
dealers going to Denver? A report would be appreciated.

Gerry Galarneau