Tucson revitalization

OK it was a looong Christmas. I did well. Come Jan 15, I decided I
was going to the Tucson show. During the past year I have been
burnt-out on creativity and “just getting the job done”. I needed

Got to Tucson on Feb.1. First thing I did was hit Congress St. for
some really good buys on different materials to use in my designs.
My creative juices started flowing as soon as I saw the depth and
variety of materials to work with. I was in Heaven. Went back every
day (and also other shows) until AGTA,JGX and GlDA opened on the 6th.
Spent the next few days seeking out bargains and weird stuff for use
in my jewelry.

The crowning event was the Orchid dinner. I had stopped in at Sam &
Pat’s ( what truly wonderful people) on my first day in Tucson to
pay for the dinner. They made me feel truly at home. Got to the
dinner Friday night and was overjoyed to see a bunch of people with
the same goals and interests as myself. Meet a bunch of Orchidians
and Alan Revere and Charles Brain-Lewton (my heroes). I looked at the
offerings for the silent auction and there was a set of wax carving
tools by Kate Wolf. These were to die for. I have never used such a
high quality tool that makes the job of carving a wax EASY. THANK YOU
KATE.( You were right- using my old tools was like using my elbows in
comparison to your tools).

Left Sun the 10th., fully satisfied, and ready to come back to my
studio to get to work. I have enough specimens to keep me busy for
ages. I want to thank the Orchid community for I would not have gone
without the knowledge, insight, and ideas I have gotten from this
list. THANK YOU ALL!!! TBear

Don’t take life to seriously–you’ll never live through it.