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Tucson hotels

Hi Mike, I hate to be the one to inform you of this but every
major (and non major) hotel raises thier prices during the
"season".?The season for Arizona just happens to be Dec. thru the
end of Feb. so rates are higher anyway. As an example I just
called the Westin La poloma (a fancy schmancy hotel if there ever
was one) Now During July when it is 115 degrees I can get a room
at the Westin for around $80.00 a night. That same room right now
is $325.00 or $365.00 if I want a view of the golf course. That
said prices go even higher during the gem show because the hotels
know that people will pay it, as opposed to driving to Benson or
Sierra vista or better yet sleeping in their car. Is this greedy?
Yes. Is this common bussiness? Yes. Remember supply vs. demand.
You can call all the major hotel chains and complain but I don’t
think it will do much good. Jason