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Tucson Facts?

Hello to Dave Arens and all, My name is Carrie again,by the way.
I am new to Orchid and new to the professional side of this
industry. I have not attended the big Tucson show before. I
remember when my old teacher, Bob Coogan, would go to SNAG things
and I know a little through him. He had an adorable Tim McCreight
pin from the swap. I am very curious about the whole scene and
will be heading west(from Tenn.) around that time. What do you
think are the benefits of the show for someone who is early in
her career? Or does the event better apply to those who are more
established? If I attend I will be by myself and would love the
company of any orchid members who might be there. Any guidence
would be appreciated! Carrie Nunes