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Tucson diamonds

Sheridan - buying diamonds in Tucson is like buying diamonds anyplace

  • except you have more from which to choose. That said, if you are
    confident in your ability to grade with a loop under less than ideal
    conditions, go for it. If not, get help from a jeweler that
    regularly buys diamonds. I guess the down side to buying at a trade
    show is that you may never see the dealer again, and I like to know
    that my dealer will stand behind what I buy - like when I bought the
    diamond a customer (and friend) chose and then the customer decided
    that he didn’t want to get married. I could have stuck the customer
    with the stone - but when I called my dealer and asked if he could
    help - he said sure, bring it back. And I have a customer for life,
    and so does my dealer.

Judy Hoch