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Tucson business rules


This post is not about Robert Lowe. It is about the promoter
policies of the GJX, GLDA, and AGTA, and about the dealers that use
and abuse these policies to sell thier products. The result is to
allow people who do not have the proper credentials to enter the show
as guests. Guest are not supposed to be buying customers. GLDA and
AGTA picks the guests up at the airport and brings them to thier
shows by limo. Who are these customers? They are movie stars,
“Captains of Industry”, millionaires, Washington bureaucrats, etc.
Guess what? These are jewelry store customers that buy either at the
show, in hotel rooms after viewing the stones, or after the show
directly from the dealer. These are your customers buying “Wholesale
to the Public”. Are you outraged???

What am I to do as a citizen dealer of the host country that follows
the rules of this country? When I go to other countries to buy
products should I ignore thier business rules? What are your

Gerry Galarneau