Tucson Bound

– something that is “not to be missed” –

Hi Allison, you can hit the Radisson City Center and the GJX shows
to see predominantly high-end products (gems and jewelry). They’re
across the street from one another. If you go to Radisson, make the
effort to go into all the nooks and crannies of that hotel. I’ve
seen some really nice stuff there (Idar-Oberstein Room and Gemstone
Row come immediately to mind). Also nearby is the AGTA show in the
Convention Center, but you need to have a note signed by god to get
in that show. It’s way across town, but the Holidome is good for a
visit if for nothing else than to see the largest tent in the world.
This show is an enormous mod scene with a wide range of vendors
selling literally everything under the sun. If you don’t have the
time to get across town to see the Holidome, however, wander through
a couple of the hotels along the I-10, not far from the Convention
Center. The shows in “hotel row” are very eclectic, with all kinds of
stuff you absolutely need to see, and buy! Take a tote bag and wear
very, very good shoes. If you get going early, you might be able to
do all this in one day.

See you Tuesday(?), I’ll try to remember to bring my Tucson Show
Guide to class


Hi All, Well, I finally got tickets and hotel room … I’m headed to
Tucson Thursday morning till sunday… hope to see many Orchidites !
Anyone wishes to contact me in Tucson, Please email me for my
contact Info. Best Wishes, Daniel Grandi Racecar Jewelry Co. Inc.

Hey Daniel,

You might have wondered what ever happened to me…

Since you cast those Sharpei cane heads, a LOT of thing have
happened… About that time I was diagnosed with cancer, went
through 3 surgeries, radiation, and chemotherapy.

Had to shut down the school, the shop, and the store. Not recovered
yet, but I do have reservations for a Thursday flight to Tucson
too… Maybe we can hook up? I’ll also be at the Orchid dinner…

Brian P. Marshall
Stockton Jewelry Arts School (Re-opening Spring of 2003 - I hope!)
2207 Lucile Ave.
Stockton, CA 95209
209-477-0550 Workshop/Classrooms

I am sure you have probably already received many replies to your
post already. I am at least a week behind on reading my Orchid
Digests=85 I don’t know anything about the jeweler’s part of the post,
so I can’t help you there. I did live in Tucson for almost 25 years,
though, and can give some suggestions as to where to go for fun. If
you love art (which I am assuming you do since you make jewelry),
you can=92t miss the DeGrazia Gallery. It is located in DeGrazia=92s
house. It was turned into a museum after he died many years ago. You
may have seen some of his art already. Their website has a link on
the left for visiting their online gift shop, which shows pictures
of some of the prints of his paintings that are available.
Everything he has painted and created out of metal among other items
are totally gorgeous!! If you would=92ve asked me before I left Tucson
in =9296 if I ever wanted to move back there, I would have said heck
no!! Now I can=92t believe how much I miss living there. Here is some
info on the Gallery=97check their actual site out:

Phone: +1 520 299 9191; +1 800 545 2185
Email: gallerysun@aol.com
Website: DeGrazia Gallery ( http://degrazia.org/Gallery.aspx )
Open Hours: 10am-4pm daily
Neighborhood: Foothills
Category: Museums & Galleries

On their actual website, up towards the top of the page, they have a
bunch of different tabs to click on. If you pick the one that says
=91location=92, it shows a small map with directions how to get there.=
highly recommend going.

If you like old airplanes, there is the Pima Air Museum, which is on
or near the Davis Monthan Air Force Base. A ton of movies have been
filmed there, including =91The Wraith=92, =91Can=92t Buy Me Love=92, a=
nd part
of one of Jeff Corwin=92s shows for Animal Planet.

If you have never been yet, Sabino Canyon is also gorgeous! They
have a tram that you can pay to take however far up the canyon you
wish, and then if you keep your ticket stub, you can either take it
back down or walk down. There is water there that people swim in,
but NEVER jump off the rocks into it, especially if there are
warning signs. Too many people have assumed that it was deep enough
to dive into, and have been seriously injured or even killed on the
rocks below the water. You will see all kinds of desert plants and
cactus, and possibly some of the fauna as well. We have seen snakes,
roadrunners, scorpions, and a few coyotes as well as many insects
while hiking there. There is also another trail (other than the one
the tram takes) that goes to 7 falls, but I have never made it all
the way there due to having to work the day I tried to hike it. If
you go in a really humid season, take plenty of bug spray.

The Sonoran Desert Museum is near =91Old Tucson=92, which I wouldn=92=
consider old anymore since it burned down a few years ago and was
rebuilt. Not to mention their entry fees are pretty high. The Desert
Museum is really neat, though. They have all kinds of different
animals as well as plants to see. It=92s just like a zoo. The drive
alone through Gates Pass is breathtaking if you like desert

Can=92t forget Mount Lemmon. They now have a toll booth going up the
mountain, but it doesn=92t cost much. You may want to go up to Windy
Point if you go that way. It=92s rumored that there is a ghost of a
girl who died on the mountain around there that has supposedly been
sighted quite a few times.

If I think of anywhere else, I will post again. I wouldn=92t bother
going to the International Wildlife Museum, which is out near the
Sonoran Desert Museum. It is in a building resembling a castle, and
the admission fees are exorbitant, not to mention the museum is
pretty disappointing. It=92s ok If you like oversized stuffed animals.=

Have fun!

In WA state, where just 87 degress F feels like good 'ol Tucson, but
without the air conditioning…

Hi All,

Just a few last minute reminders before heading out to Tucson.

  1. The 10th Anniversary Orchid Dinner.

  2. The Ganoksin Raffle

  3. The Orchid Silent Auction

  4. Don’t forget that you have only 3 DAYS REMAINING TO REGISTER FOR

The 10th Annual Tucson Orchid Dinner

Time: 6:30pm - 11:30pm

The Savoy Opera House
6541 East Tanque Verde
Tucson, AZ 85715

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As the Ganoksin Raffle Organizer, I wish to thank the sponsors of
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This year, many suppliers who are also Orchid Forum members have
come together, donating tools and equipment to outfit a jewelry
studio. The list is extensive, and there is something for everybody
who works in a studio or takes classes in a school. The winner will
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Raffle tickets are $39 apiece.

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  1. Help Ganoksin Stay Healthy and Strong!

Get involved in the Silent Auction at the 10th Annual Tucson Dinner
2006. Proceeds from the Silent Auction benefit Ganoksin’s continued
growth of archives and galleries. You can get involved by donating an
item to the auction or by bidding on them at the Orchid Event.

Donations may be in the form of artwork, tools, books, gemstones,
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Ganoksin exists to facilitate sharing, jewelry research
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Silent Auction Donations can be either mailed to

The Ganoksin project
C/O Patricia Glover
8230 E. Cloud Rd.
Tucson, AZ 85750

or brought to:
The Ganoksin Project
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