[Tucson 2015] UK qualifications for JCK and AGTA shows

Hi Everyone

We are very lucky to be visiting Tucson this year and would love to
attend the JCK and AGTA shows with our main interest in purchasing
loose stones.

At present we are a small company operating in Scotland and on
application we have been rejected with the request to provide a copy
of our business license or sales certificate.

In the UK we don’t have this. I have emailed the orgasnisers asking
what would be acceptable and am awaiting their response.

Just wondering if anyone on the forum from the UK has attended and
what documentation was accepted.

Many thanks for any help.

Just wondering if anyone on the forum from the UK has attended and
what documentation was accepted. 

I live/work in Brasil and thus do not have a USA business license or
sales certificate.

For the AGTA show I just show them my Brazilian Business card and my
Brazilian Picture ID (they probably accept Passports with picture

I registered at the AGTA show itself the first time - and then every
year I just show last year’s badge (it has bar code on it) and my
business card - and they give me the current badge.

For the JCK show - I pre-registered online - and I sent them xerox
copies (scanned) of Invoices which showed I have purchased Jewelry
Items (mainly loose stones) in the past year - and a scanned copy of
my Brazilian Tax ID card - and they said that I am pre-registered.

I usually don’t go to the JCK show as it is quite a bit out of the
way - getting there and back and managing to park occupies a good bit
of your time in the day.

our main interest in purchasing loose stones. 

For loose stones - you should put the GJX show on your agenda. It is
right across the street from the AGTA show (which is at the
convention center - downtown). It is also a “Whole Sale only” show
with registration requirements - and you can pre-register online. If
you get a badge from the AGTA show - then you do not need to show
documents at the GJX show or at any of the other “Whole Sale only”

Many of the AGTA exhibitors buy their stones from the exhibitors at
the GJX show. Come by and see us in Booth # 205 - Lowe Associates -
Brasil for all of the Brazilian colored stones and also Persian

Other good shows for loose stones are the Riverpark show and the
22nd street show

Best regards,
Robert P. Lowe Jr.

One of the alternate, (but unadvertised) way to get credentials is
to be a student of or a graduate of a recognized gemological program.
In the US, Gemological institute of america, in GB the FGA is I think
the equivalent.

So if either of you are professional gemologists, that should work
as well.

You can also contact an exhibiting vendor that you know and ask for
help with credientials.

Judy Hoch, G.G.