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[Tucson 2012] 16th Annual Tucson Orchid Get Together

Thanks to the always helpful Dave Arens we have a date!

Once again we have relied on Dave for the reservations and Maureen
and I will help him host the event! We have had several offers of
Raffle Items - please feel free to bring any items that you wish to
share with your fellow Orchidians! You are invited to attend the 2012
Orchid Dinner in Tucson AZ!

When: Wed., February 1st at 6pm
Where: at TGI Fridays 4901 E. Broadway - Tucson - 85711
phone (520) 745-3743

Map with directions at:

Robyn Hawk

Please let Dave or Robyn know as soon as possible.

Wish Dave Evans and all the Tucson Event Volunteers their very Best.

Knowing that everybody waits for the last moment to show up.

I would request that any one attending should notify your intentions
as soon as possible.

Seems easy to get everyone together.

Kenneth Singh

Hi, Can I please join the fun? I have loved the Orchid list and
would love to meet some folks in person

Carina Rossner