[Tucson 2010] House share

Hi everyone,

I am interested in finding someone who would like to share a
townhouse in Tucson during the gem show. It is a beautiful modern
townhouse with covered parking (for one car) and uncovered parking
(for one car), gated community just one mile from the Roadway show
and I-10. Amenities include large spacious living room and dining
room, modern furnishings, Queen bed with firm pillowtop mattress,
large closet, washer and dryer, fully stocked kitchen (food and
drink), fresh towels and toiletries.

Living room has several periodicals, books and previous year’s gem
show directories as well as many jewelry instructional videos to
watch. This is perfect for anyone who’s never gone to the gem show
before, since I have gone for 7 years now and am willing to give some
guidance. I will also be hosting a party (date to be determined)
during the gem show. In previous years there have been some notable
people in the trade in attendance. I’ve always felt that sharing a
house is so much better than booking a hotel room where I couldn’t
cook or eat the food I like (I’m not a fan of eating restaurant food
all the time, nor is my digestive system) or sit and relax on a couch
instead of having to sit on my bed. So, if this sounds appealing,
please email me at [maryamalia at aol dot com].

The cost isn’t really any more than you’d pay for an upscale hotel
room. The show is two weeks and I’m looking to share this house in
three 5 day blocks: Jan 31st - Feb. 4th, Feb. 5th - 9th and Feb. 10th

  • 14th. Each 5 day block is $750 (that’s only $150 per day). You can
    share your room with a friend for just an additional $75 per 5 day
    block to cover extra food and drink (only $82.50 per person per day).
    As I mentioned, this INCLUDES a fully stocked kitchen! I typically
    buy high quality foods (meats, sandwich supplies, vegetables, fruits,
    etc), not hot dogs, chips and salsa or junk food.

This would save you a considerable amount of money by not having to
eat out and since I LOVE to cook, I may be persuaded to make a few
gourmet meals! There is also an office with a comfortable single
futon couch/bed that is available for $575 per 5 day block if you’re
looking for something cheaper. I’m hoping I can get this squared
away sooner rather than later. It’s amazing how fast this time of
year goes by and before you know it, it’s time for Tucson!

Mary Amalia Jewelry
Portland, Me.

Hi Polly. Your townhouse sounds delightful and you should have no
trouble finding a housemate. I live in Tucson half the year (the
winter months). I’d love to meet you sometime during your time here.
I am happy to report that the I-10 interstate widening project
through town is finally finished and it is really nice. This should
help with traffic during the show.

Judy Keller

Thanks Judith,

your work is beautiful and I’ll look forward to meeting you when I’m
down there. I will make sure to email you an invitation to the party
when I set a date and time. Tucson is just beautiful and even though
this will be the 7th year I’ve attended the gem show I still feel
like a kid in a candy store! I’m not worried about finding people to
share the house with, I do every year. It’s quite a bargain since
you save a lot on food. I end up prepping a lot of lunches and
dinners for people to take with them which is nice. There are also
several dozen dvds on various metalsmithing techniques to watch in
the down time…complete set of Alan Revere dvds, granulation
video, mokume gane, stone setting, etc. There is also a jeweler’s
bench there if you have some of your own tools! (I think I forgot to
mention that in my last post)

Also, please join my fan page on facebook where in the coming months
I’ll be posting tips and videos on basic metalsmithing techniques.

Mary Amalia Jewelry
Portland, Me.

Hi all,

I’m guessing this is a lean year since I have had little response to
my offer for a house share in Tucson during the 2010 gem show. I am
subsequently lowering the price and also eliminating the structured
timeframe. If any one is interested, please contact me if you want
to share this beautiful house in a FANTASTIC location (North Ironwood
Ridge Dr., just off West Grant. One mile from I-10 and many shows)
$80 a night for one person. Two people is $100 a night. Nice bedroom
with firm pillowtop queen mattress and dresser for two.
Washer/Dryer, parking, jewelry books and dvds, jeweler’s bench. (Must
bring your own tools if you want to use the bench) It includes a
fully stocked kitchen/refrigerator.

What a deal! Also, my annual jeweler’s party is scheduled for Feb.
6th. Many notable people were in attendance last year and I expect
that it will be even better this year. Pick whatever days you want to
come. It will be first come, first served.

Polly Spencer
Mary Amalia Jewelry