Tucson 2009 Orchid gathering was fun

Thank you to Dave Arens who put together the Orchid dinner this
year, it was very fun. I have met many Orchidians this year both at
the dinner and just around the shows and with out exception they are
a generous group. Thank you all and thanks to Hanuman, Ton and
Virginia for keeping us all together.

Sam Patania


Many thanks to Dave Arens for arranging the Orchid Get-Together at
TJI Friday’s in Tucson last Thursday. It was wonderful to meet all of
you in person. I took pictures of the enthusiastic group at
individual tables, but unfortunately, my new camera must not have
been set correctly (oh no, you mean I have to READ the
instructions?) and they all came out too dark to be usable! Darn!

Dave did a terrific job of hosting this casual event and making
everyone feel welcome.

All friendly acquaintances, as well as, new comers had a great time.
It’s so nice to connect a “live” person to their Orchid posts!

We look forward to seeing all of you again next year!

Thanks again Dave. You are a peach!

Virginia Vivier
Online Advertising Consultant, The Ganoksin Project

Email: virginia@ganoksin.com
Direct Phone Line: 1-520-616-8683

I would like to send a BIG SHOUT OUT to Dave Arens for bringing many
of us together for dinner during the Tucson show. As a group
organizer myself, I know its not an easy task. The evening offered my
friend and I the opportunity to meet and chat with other artists and
business people that we would otherwise only know by blogs including
Ganoksin’s own Virginia Lee Vivier. We had the pleasure of meeting
Merle White, Editor of Jewelry Artist magazine as well as Managing
Editor Helen Driggs and it was also a nice surprise to see Charles
Lewton Brain after many years.

Thanks again for making it happen,
Patricia White, New York