Tucson 2009 Orchid Gathering Important Announcement


We have had a great journey together so far in the Ganoksin
adventure. We wish you all the best for the Holidays and the best
for you and your families in the New Year!

Ganoksin continues to serve the world of jewelers, goldsmiths,
makers. We are building content to a greater degree this year, and
the Orchid Member participation list is growing each day.

The Tucson show is coming soon, and the opportunity to meet each
other and see each other again.

This year the social event of the Orchid dinner in Tucson has been
cancelled with the alternative encouragement for Orchid Members to
continue meeting socially at various times during this event.

The main reason for this is financial. In these rough economic times
we decided to use Ganoksin Project Sponsored funds to help cover the
increased costs we incur for the BenchTube video bandwidth, our
recent server upgrade maintenance fees, and the associated costs of
launching the Orchid Blog network that currently powering 176 blogs!

We feel that it is best to use donated funds for the benefit of the
entire Orchid Community rather than a single event.

We encourage Orchid Members attending the Tucson Gem Show in February
to continue to gather together as in the past. This means that we
will have new opportunities to meet and chat, both at our booth at
the Catalog in Motion and in the crowds of Tucson, but also at small
dinners and get togethers throughout the show.

Dave Arens, who originally started Orchid Tucson gatherings in the
early 90’s has graciously taken on the task of coordinating the 2009
Tucson show orchid gathering.

Dave will begin to accept names of interested persons, please include
the dates you expect to be in Tucson and email Dave directly at

Ganoksin will dedicate a blog page to accommodate suggested
restaurants and directions, and find a way to put Orchidians in
contact with each other who wish to meet.

Again, we wish you a wonderful New Year!

Hello All,

While we all will miss this years’ orchid dinner In Tucson, I
applaud that the tough decisions have been made.

That said, I am interested in getting together with some people to
swap stories and techniques. perhaps friday or sat evening, feb 6,
7th? gem carving, lapidary, casting large pieces, granulation,
forming, etc etc

warm regards
Mark Zirinsky