Tucson 2008 Workshops?

Good morning,

I am planning a trip to Tucson this next year and would like to know
if there are workshops or classes available in the area at that time.
It would be nice to learn something new while I’m there. Any info or
somewhere I could look for info would be greatly appreciated.



There are lots of great educational opportunities at the gem shows.
Rio Grande has their “Catalog in Motion” setup, with lectures and
demonstrations, quite interesting, and I’m sure there are other

I’m planning to do some workshops, myself, and will be posting the
details on my website in the next few months, as my plans for next
year start to shape up.


Hi Gerry,

Rio Grande offers a number of classes at the Hilton East in
conjunction with the Catalog in Motion show.

You’d have to contact Rio Grande to find out what classes are
scheduled for this year.

There are also beading classes put on by different beading groups,
but I’m not familiar with them.


Hi Gerry,

You asked regarding workshops available next February in Tucson…

After September you can check the AGTA website for their seminar
listings heRe: http://www.agta.org/consumer/tradeshows/gfseminars.htm

And then check the balance of the Tucson venues here:

Roger Dery
Rare Gems – Precision Faceting


My name is Adam Brown and I am an aspiring Jewelry designer. I owned
a small retail shop selling Amber, but am now retired. My wife and I
pass through the Tucson gem shows every year and I wanted to ask if
anyone has any about the jewelry design classes at the
JOGS show?

Are they worth it? Do we need to bring anything? What experiance
levels are apporpriate?

If anyone has insight about the JOGS show jewelry classes or the
JOGS show in general I would appreciate it.

Thank you,