[Tucson 2007] Hands on TI Research Casting machine


Must be my week for casting questions. My other employer has a TI
Reserch caster. He is have many problems with this item. The flask
when it was hot wouldn’t fit in the unit. He had to use a hammer!!!
He was casting palladium and it came out very brittle. He also felt
it was almost impossible for it to be a one man job.

He is going to Tucson, I was wondering if there is a place for TI
Reserch where he can get some hands on? Or if any one has good info
the use of this machine.

Thanks For all the good info,


this is Sandor Cser from Ti-Research. At first sight your comment
looks like a mix of independent issues.

  1. Using a hammer to make something fit is a kind of last resort -
    give us a call or drop a line by email (as you did here) might result
    in a more efficient aproach to a solution (like wait 3.5 seconds in
    this case) without damages. Our staff will be happy to assist your
    other employer in case of any technical questions to raise him to the
    proficient level of other customers using this equipment.

  2. Casting Pd with a torch is widely discussed and known to be a
    challenge. Unlike other metals brittle parts are not unusual for Pd
    using a torch. Refiners are working on Pd alloys for flame melting.
    Up to now I’m not aware of any torch system for casting Pd with a
    constant satisfying result. This is specific to Pd and is independent
    of the equipment used.

  3. If you forward your and your other employer’s postal address
    offline I’ll be happy to send you a video on CD showing the entire
    casting process from waxing to devesting - all done by one person.
    There will be several opportunities during this year at different
    locations to put hands on - most of them will be announced in this

In case you need more good info please feel free to contact me for
first hand

Sandor Cser,
Ti-Research GbR


Something must be amiss here. I attended Kraftwerks last summer and
watched hands on demonstrations on this amazing little machine. We
watched castings of platinum and stainless steel and the casting
machine produced absolutely flawless casts.

Metalwerx will be hosting a hands on casting class on the Ti-Casting
Machine from May 18 - 20. Two days will be wax working and casting,
and the last day will be demos for the trade. It’s not on the web
yet, but will be shortly.

Good luck!


School for Jewelry and the Metalarts
50 Guinan St.
Waltham, MA 02451
781 891 3854

Hellowe purchased a ti caster from you a few years back at MJSA and I came across this post. we are having problems getting good castings. I was hoping to have you send us the video. My email is jstinson@glennpeterjewelers.com I appreciate your help. Thank you.