[Tucson 2006] Tucson Scramble

Hello everyone. Well, at the last minute a friend mentioned she
wanted to attend the shows in Tucson and I jumped at the chance to
go. Now I’m not sure how to go about this. Are there any hotel rooms
left? Any grand ideas about attending? Is it too late? I searched the
Orchid archives, but couldn’t find some of the posts I thought I
remembered seeing a couple of months ago. I did go to
www.tucsonshowguide.com for info, but I’m overwhelmed! If anyone can
help me I’d really appreciate it. Please feel free to contact me
offline so everyone else doesn’t get bored with this info.

Tammy Kirks

Hi All,

I would not be able to make it to Tucson this year my doctors have
advised me not to make the long haul I have 5 nights booked at Sam
Hughes inn


from 3rd to 8th please call them on 1-520-861-2191 to book your room.

best regards
Ahmed shareek

Booked about a week ago through expedia.com (or travelocity.) I am
under the impression that they have rooms that you cannot get
directily thru the hotel? Staying close to the show is a problem
especially at this late date. If you are going to buy stones from
anyone…almost every hotel has vendors. The Holidome has a large
selling area and a tent in the parking lot…very cool. Make sure you
have all of the necessary documentation if you want to get into the
GLW show at the holidome or the AGTA show. They are pretty strict.
AGTA will talk to you on the phone about getting in and you can
download info on what is necessary ie salestax license, tax returns,
sales receipts etc. Security is pretty tight. good luck!!!