[Tucson 2004] General

Hi All I am planning my first trip to the Tucson Gem fair. Any
suggestions on hotels? What are of town do I want to stay in .
Suggestions for restaruants? After hours? Thanks

Paul DeFruscio

planning my first trip to the Tucson Gem fair. Any suggestions on
hotels? What are(a) of town do I want to stay in. Suggestions for
restaruants? After hours? 

At this late date you will probably have to be content with just
about any Hotel reservation that you might be able to get. Many of
the lower cost hotels and motels have been sold out for the Gem Show
period for almost a year.

If you haven’t checked it out yet, I recommend a visit to the Tucson
Show Guide online at < http://www.tucsonshowguide.com/tsg/ > with all
of the on the February 2004 Tucson Shows. It lists 34
shows and/or show locations this year

< http://www.tucsonshowguide.com/tsg/tucson/ > gives the hotels and
restaurants and local attractons

You can even pre register for some of the shows from this web site.

You will have a listing of all of the exhibitors that are showing and
the locations at which they are showing. If you go to the individual
show page you can find out the company’s booth number.

If you go to the search page, you can search all of the show
exhibitors, at all of the shows, to find which has a certain product,
or you can search for the same product in only a specific show, or by
country of origin (or state) of the exhibitor, etc. There is a
complete list of all of the products listed and how they are
specifically listed, to aid your search.

Of course the Colored Stone Tucson Show Guide charged each exhibitor
for their “online” product listings, thus if a specific company did
not pay for the listings, you will find it on the list of exhibitors
and can find out which show it is in and the booth number, but will
not be able to access its list of products or their address &
phone/fax, e-mail, & web-site

As for the restaurants and attractions - get a hard copy of the
Tucson Show Guide printed by Colored Stone magazine and given out
free at most of the show locations. It will have a section on
Restaurants and other attractions in the area. There is also a
section on the Tucson Show Guide online which gives a list of Hotels
with addresses and telephone numbers.

If you are a wholesale buyer don’t forget to come by the GJX show as
there are several Ochidians exhibiting in that show.

Best regards,
Robert Lowe
Lowe Associates - Brasil
Gemstones, Rough, Specimens
Tucson - February 5 - 10, 2004 - GJX # 205
e-mail: USA robertplowejr@juno.com February 2004
e-mail: Brasil <@Robert_P_Lowe_Jr1>

Hello, everyone.

This is the first time I go to the Tucson fair, and I will be going
alone. I will be taking 10E from CA to Tucson, the big fair. I plan
to find a motel that is one hour away to the downtown Tucson. Any
suggestion where I can stop and find a motel with fair charge on the
10 east? I found no answers in the motel couple book. No any motels
or hotels advertisement at Tucson. Will I be able to find motel
advertisements in the coupon book when I closer to the Tucson?

Thanks very much.
A l i c i a

Alicia If you take hwy 10 past Tucson you be will more likely to find
motel rooms on the east side of Tucson. I think you can find small
unadvertised places to stay in the east side area of Tucson.


Dear all, since I live here in Tucson I never have to look for a
hotel and am sorry I have such a lack of info on. I contacted a hotel
close to my studio in the center of town and they had no interest in
giving this Orchid group any kind of deal because they are full
anyway during the show. I would try the town of Benson , 30 miles
from Tucson, or Green Valley/ Tubac, for accomodations if you find
the hotels closer full. The airport area has a new hotel everytime I
drive over there, so look close to the airport. Pat and I are here in
the studio 9 to 5’ish and are happy to answer questions and give
advice, 520-795-0086. Tucson is a tourist town and there are very
good resources for visitors. The Tucson Convention and Visitors
Bureau is up to date and willing to help,


Sam Patania, Tucson

Here’s an opportunity for somebody who was slow about making their
hotel reservation for the Tucson Show and still needs one. I just
cancelled mine (really can’t afford to go this year) at the
AmeriSuites (very nice place) for 2/7/04 - 2/11/04 @ $476.00.

I hope this helps somebody attend - it’s really great. I’ll be
there next year for sure.

Sun Country Gems