[Tucson 2004] Dealers Perspective

All, I have been a show dealer at Tucson since 1996. We have moved
our show location three times and have been for the last three years
in the Gem Mall at G+LW. This year our totals for the show were down
by 15% from last year, but the amount of profit for the show
increased by 10%. That is because we sold very few high dollar
items. We have a much higher profit margin and much more labor in our
lower dollar items.

I wish to thank all that stopped by and said hello. Yes, even the
ones who were not customers.

Overall the crowd at the Gem Mall was by my observation much lower
than the last two years. Remarkedly all the dealers except one I
talked with said they had the best show yet. Very strange that with
a low crowd they did so well, but who am I to say they did not. The
one dealer that said his show was not good at the same time said his
show was better than he expected. This dealer is a long time show
dealer at the AGTA with a double booth. He said that this year he
lost less money than he expected to lose at the show. He considers
the show to be a part of his advertising campaign and writes off the

So, go figure. I made money at this show, but do not consider my
sales to be anywhere near the potential for the show. Two old time
dealers I know said this will be there last year at the Tucson Show.
It will be interesting to see what next year brings.

Thanks again to al that stopped by. A special thanks to all that
considered my products to be of sufficient quality and price to shop
with me.

Thank You,
Ta!! Ta!! for Now.
Gerry Galarneau