[Tucson 2003] SNAG at Catalog in Motion

This year in Tucson, the Society of North American Goldsmiths (SNAG)
and Metalsmith magazine will have its booth at Rio Grande=92s Catalog
in Motion, February 7 through 10. Come by and pick up free copies
of Metalsmith, SNAG News, and other materials we=92ll have on hand.

Or just come by and introduce yourselves to me. I=92d love to put
names to faces.

The Winter 2003 issue of Metalsmith features articles on Ford &
Forlano=92s polymer clay jewelry, Lee Sauder=92s metal sculptures,
illustrating the centuries-old technique of bloomery smelting, and a
survey of contemporary metal furniture makers. Read about Andrew
Goss and Sandra Noble Goss=92s studio, see the commissioned metal work
of four artists, and much much more.

We=92ll also have brochures available about our upcoming conference in
San Francisco, =93Making It in Metal,=94 May 21-25, and the pre- and
post-conference workshops.

Dana Singer
SNAG Executive Director
(406) 728-5248