[Tucson 2003] Orchid Dinner Video Tape

Dear All - We arranged to have Hanuman’s speech video-taped along
with some crowd shots and Andrea Hill from Rio. My friend has made
a master tape and we will offer a copy of this tape to Orchidians who
might want it. I don’t have a price yet since I will have to wait
till I get the tape and take it to a studio to be copied. Would
there be interest out there in Orchid land for a copy of the tape?
Just e-mail me an indication of interest and we’ll get down to the
nitty-gritty later. Thanks so much for the wonderful party we all
had on Friday night. You truly are a great and generous group. For
those that missed the party and our Hanuman, make plans for next year
because I already started to twist Hanuman’s arm before he left.
Thanks, Pat Kulla @ Patania’s