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[Tucson 2001] A dealers perspective

I showed at Tucson some 13 years, mostly in the then Pueblo Inn. I
always appreciated people who paid in cash and recommend that you try
and pay cash, if not, then travelers checks are essentially the same
(Tucson Script). Someone would give me a few travelers checks, I in
turn would spend them with another dealer and so on and so forth by
the time they finally were deposited in a bank account they may have
changed hands 20 times.

A pet peeve, I certainly don’t mind if somebody wants to try and get
a better price, but before you make the attempt, be sure you are
prepared to buy it if the price is agreed to, don’t hammer someone for
a better price and then say “I’ll think about it” have a substantial
amount of goods picked out before you start trying to get a better
price, to try for a discount on a $20 item is definitely bush league.
Ask for the blanket “dealer price” or “trade price” or ask the dealer
if he has a discount program. Many dealers will have a sign that says
prices are keyed for the trade or prices are net. Open your eyes and
look around before you ask.

As you expect your customers to allow you to make a fair profit on
your time and investment you should also allow the dealers in Tucson
the same privilege. It is very expensive to go to Tucson to buy, but
it costs a lot more to set up as a dealer. I estimated that it cost
me more than 15,000. to gear up to do the show. Obviously many
dealers do it on a shoe string ( and it shows) but the serious dealers
spend a lot of time and money to get there and set up.

Christopher L. Johnston B.Sc. Geology. Idaho
Gem & Mineral Dealer-Consulting Geologist-Master Blaster
PO Box 354 Omaruru-Republic of Namibia-Africa