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Tucson 09 and Buyers Market show traffic

Ok folks, Tucson and the Buyers Market are behind us… what
happened? How were sales? How was traffic? Who came? Who was missing?
What sold? What didn’t? Spill your guts… all our futures may depend
on the road signs that are showing up now. Bill

Bill Seeley
Reactive Metals Studio, Inc

Hi Bill I did fairly well in Tucson about as well as last year, but
wasn’t able to get to BMAC had to cancell because of wife illnes but
I heard it was slow; however the guy who told me it was slow didn’t
have any thing new, and I think that the people who are going out to
shows are pretty serious buyers but they are defineatley looking for
new stuff dont bother going out with your old stuff, also the
dollars on each sale were smaller those large wholesale orders
weren’t there. they were numerous but not big in dollar value.

so take your new innovative stuff and don’t make it too
expensive… hope that helps