[Tucson 06] Still need a room for Tucson?

Since Hanuman posted links for the results of the Tucson Lodging
Project I have received multiple emails requesting rooms available or
responding to the original survey questionaire posted months ago.

This post is to clarify that the research and compiling phase are

Room availability as of the Orchid posting date (10/21/05) is now
online for anyone interested.

You will need to call and make your own reservations using the
contact numbers provided in the document.

Note that the area code (prefix) for Tucson telephone numbers
is 520.

I have compiled that may be helpful for those
looking for lodging during the Tucson Show. The is
provided in good faith with no guarantee of availability or
suitability of accommodations.

Tucson Lodging Project 2006

Download Excel file:

Download PDF file:

Pam Chott