[Tucsan 2000] - buying rough

Hello, I just bought plane tickets for a quick one day(saturday the
5th) trip to Tuscan. I tried finding the info about the Orchid dinner
in the archives but couldn’t. I’d love to attend if there’s still
room! Also, I have never been to Tucson before and would like any
recommendations on which shows are the best for buying rough. I know
I’ll only be able to do a few shows in one day and want to make the
most of it. Thanks for all your help and I hope to see some of you down

Amy O’Connell
Amy O’Connell Jewelry

Amy, Hit the shows along the Four Points Hotel area. They always have
a multitude of rough. This area is on the West side of I-10 , along
the access road. Most of the other shows have a smattering of
rough. If you have any questions see me at the Scottish Rites Center.
I am set up there and will gladly try to help.
Gerry Galarneau

Amy, You will find rough in many different places. Take a look at the
Tucson Show guide. Also the strip along S. Freeway has 6 or 7 motels
in a row and I know you will find rough there. Also The Congress
Street expo, and Multi stone at the Sonoran Desert Marketplace. If
you are interested in pink and green druzy rough I do have that
available and you can email me offline. At any rate the Tucson show
guide will be of tremendous help to you. I hope to meet you at the
Orchid Dinner. Diane Sadel